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Atomic Number 29


Only a few have enjoyed reading in their lifetime Homer's description (written about 800 years B.C.) of the shield and weapons of Achilles, which were all made of copper and copper alloy, but everyone recognizes that copper, in any form, is a special metal with its own fascination and charm.
Because of this fascination, it was first used for jewelry during very ancient times. Then it became a symbol of power and was utilized in crowns, statues and weaponry and was later used in cannons.
During the ages it was mainly mixed with Zinc and Tin to form alloys like bronzes and brasses.
The scientific revolution during the late 19th century, with the invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, electric light and the electric motor, again focused its attention on pure copper conductivity and thus began the copper rush to find new mines and new methods to produce copper wires.
One century ago the annual consumption of copper wire rod in the entire world was similar to the tonnage currently consumed in only four or five days in Europe alone.
Copper has come a long way, not only in quantity but quality as well.
Standard rod quality of today normally allows the drawing speed and production of fine wire sizes in multiwire machines that would have seemed unbelievable to our fathers just forty or fifty years ago.
This booklet is just a short résumé of this glorious story of the modern copper rod production method and its present technology and know-how for obtaining continuously improving results.
The instruments required to play excellent music, or in other words to produce excellent rod, are tuned only by good musicians organized by a good Director.
As a supplier of 'instruments', we firmly believe that all input from our Customers is strategically important to us and we hope that our customers share this idea.
Let us work together towards better knowledge and better production on a continuous basis.
By Giulio Properzi


Table of contents

Chapter 1
A Few Tips about the History of Copper and its Early Applications
by Horace Pops

Chapter 2
The Properzi Method: From Cathodes to Rod in One Minute
by Giulio Properzi

Chapter 3
The 1980s and the Multiwire Drawing Machine; a New Challenge for Rod Producers
by Alberto Greppi

Chapter 4
The New Scientific Approach to the Concept of Quality in the Rod Manufacturing Process
by Andrea Peviani

Chapter 5
From Copper Scrap to Wire; a New Milestone for the Wire Industry
by Carmelo Maria Brocato

Chapter 6
The Devil is in the Details
by Andrea Peviani

Chapter 7
Different Types of Rod for Different Applications
by Carmelo Maria Brocato


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