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GIFA 2019

We thanks our customers and visitors who stayed with us during GIFA 2019. If you should need further details on Properzi technology, please contact us: See you soon!

Continuous Casting Rod FRHC Copper Line (CCR Cu Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR Cu lines for FRHC using 100% scrap from 10,000 tpy to 80,000 tpy and above

Continuus-Properzi Copper Furnaces

Refining Furnaces (100% copper scrap) ------–-------------------- Vertical Furnaces --------------------------- Holding Furnaces

Continuus-Properzi Aluminium Furnaces

Melting Furnace "Vert-Melt" and Holding Furnace

Continuous Casting Rod Aluminium Line (CCR Al Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR lines for Al and Al alloys from 10,000 tpy to 100,000 tpy

Track & Belt (T & B) Ingot Casting Line

Continuus-Properzi produces T & B Ingot lines for primary and secondary Aluminium alloys ingots and also for Copper, Lead and Zinc

Properzi Ingot

Ingot produced with Continuous Casting Track & Belt system for primary and secondary Aluminium alloys

Continuous Rolling Strip Lead Line (CRS Pb Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CRS Narrow & Wide Strip lines for Pb from 2 tph to 10 tph and above

Continuous Casting Rod Zinc Line (CCR Zn Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR lines for Zn from 1 tph up to 5 tph and above

Pro-Form Continuous Extrusion Machinery

Continuus-Properzi produces Pro-Form machines with wheel diameter of 300 mm – 420 mm – 500 mm and above for cladding, solid cable, profiles, bus bar, tube, multiport tube. The equipment presented above is installed now in our factory for trials

Skip Stranding Line For Low Relaxation Prestressed Concrete Strand (LRPC)

Continuus-Properzi produces LRPC lines having bobins size of: 900 mm – 1,000 mm – 1,120 mm – 1,250 mm

Microrolling® Mill Process

Continuus-Properzi Microrolling® Mills are used to roll rod from 12 mm down to 1.8 mm, for the following materials: High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, CO₂ Wire, Flux Cored Wire, Cu, Cu alloys, Al alloys and many more

Self Annealed Cu Wire Microrolling® Mill

Continuus-Properzi rolling mill has been used as breakdown machinery for processing copper rod from 8 mm down to 1.8 mm or 2 mm without annealing. The big advantage... enormous energy savings!

Continuous Casting Rod ETP Copper Line (CCR Cu Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR Cu lines for ETP from 30,000 tpy to 240,000 tpy and above

For the presentation of the Properzi CRWS Casting & Rolling Line for Lead Wide Strip, 6.0 tph capacity,

held succesfully on 17th and 18th January. Now available more details and pictures, please contact us:

Continuus Properzi spa


Continuus-Properzi is very proud to announce the successful commissioning of the 6,0 tph capacity Casting and Rolling Wide Strip line CRSW at TYUMEN BATTERY FACTORY LLC - Russia.
The plant, located in the City of Tyumen – Siberia consist of:

• One set of n° 3 furnaces to melt the lead ingots and lead scraps coming from the punching process
• One Wheel and Belt Properzi casting machine ® to continuously cast the liquid lead
• One Cast Bar shear to cut the cast bar
• One Rolling train with independent motors
• One trimming unit to cut the strip to the desired final width
• One automatic double coiler

With the Continuus-Properzi State-of-the-art equipment, TYUMEN is confident to enter into new challenging markets.

For more information, please contact our commercial department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

NPA SKAWINA, now part of BORYSZEW Group (one of the thirty largest companies of the Warsaw Stock Exchange), is a very experienced and advanced producer of aluminium rod, wires, and cables for the world's largest producers in the field of energy, automotive, household appliances and foodstuff markets.
The cooperation between Continuus-Properzi and NPA Skawina started in the 1960s during the Iron Curtain age with the installation of the first Properzi Line and has continued with the addition of two other Properzi Lines.
NPA Skawina is implementing a project titled: "Development of innovative technology for the production of wire rods of high-strength aluminium alloys of 2xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx series", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with the aim to produce the widest range of aluminium alloys rod in the world and to research new types of alloys. For this purpose, NPA Skawina required the most advanced technical solutions in this field and selected the best available technology.
We are glad to announce that NPA Skawina has selected Continuus-Properzi as both the best technical and the best commercial offering for their new project, and they have purchased the fourth Properzi Line for their plant in Skawina - Poland.
The new supply includes a complete Properzi Line starting from the Properzi Vert-Melt Furnace (for more details click read more and righ after, click at the top of the page ), two holding furnaces, a degassing and filtering unit, and the Aluminium Continuous Casting & Rolling line designed to produce up to 25,000 tpy of high-strength aluminium alloys rod. 


The ALUBAR GROUP is the largest manufacturer of aluminum electrical cables in Latin America; they are located precisely in the municipality of Barcarena, state of Pará – Brasil. The company manufactures aluminium rod and alloys, bare and insulated aluminium cables for power transmission and distribution as well as low and medium voltage copper cables for power distribution in industrial and civil construction applications.

Approximately 20 years ago Continuus-Properzi started collaborating with Alubar and sold them their first aluminium wire rod line followed by a second one commissioned in 2013.

Both Continuous Casting and Rolling Lines are still working at full capacity.

This strong and profitable business relationship has recently been reinforced as Properzi will supply yet another Continuous Casting and Rolling line for the production of aluminium alloy - AA1120 and advanced electrical alloys. With this equipment Alubar Metais e Cabos S.A. will increase their production capacity by approximately 30,000 tons per year thereby confirming their supremacy in the Brazilian market and South America. The line will be definitively in production by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019.

Supplying a new plant for the production of a nonferrous commodity is not only Properzi's core business but also signifies our responsibility to ensure the equipment is accompanied by Aftersale Service during the start-up and commissioning of the plant and for many years to come thereby creating a real marriage with the customer.  This is what we are proud to offer Alubar!

Continuus-Properzi announces that two new plants, capable to recover 100% scrap with a copper content ≥ 96%, will start production of Fire Refined High Conductivity (FRHC) rod in early 2018.

One 80 ton per day refining furnace – for annual production of 24,000 tons – is being installed at TLMZ LLC in the region of Tolyatti, Russia - to feed one new Properzi CCR line (11 tph).

The second refining furnace, making use of a recent and patented design with charging door on the top and an automatized conveyor belt for loading the scrap into the furnace, will begin operation at Gil Rod Shomal Co. in Rasht - Iran.  Foreseen production is around 30,000 tpy of 8 mm (FRHC) copper rod by a Properzi System already successfully working with cathodes (to make ETP rod) at 12.5 tph.

Copper rod from 100% scrap can fulfill the large majority of total tonnage required by the market as it can be drawn down to 0.25 mm wires and even smaller.  FRHC rod was recently standardized by ASTM B4-15a as C11025.


The Italian Company is well known as the inventor and promoter of the continuous casting and rolling of Aluminum and Copper rod with the Properzi Process but during the almost seventy years of existence developed several other innovative systems for nonferrous metal; for instance Lead strip lines to feed the Pb-acid batteries industry or the revolutionary Aluminum ingot production lines.

In the past, but more and more recently, unauthorized advertisements or promotional leaflets appeared in the international industry Press or Trade Shows, presenting similar or copied machines with Continuus-Properzi or Properzi brand name, using sometimes also pictures taken from Continuus-Properzi's literature.

Even the latest, very recent patented method of producing self-annealed copper wires has drawn the attention of unscrupulous Chinese operators.

Continuus-Properzi not only wants to censure this piracy behavior but wishes to warn anybody who is concerned in the nonferrous metal industry that all Continuus-Properzi lines, machines, furnaces or systems are entirely designed and produced in Italy and that no industrial agreement or license has been granted to any Chinese company.

Anything presented with a sort of Properzi sounding must be regarded as a blunt and patched copy that often infringes Continuus-Properzi's numerous patents or steals Continuus-Properzi's industrial secrets or know-how.

Continuus-Properzi also regrets that the highly respected Chinese Government does not take sufficient measures to control a limited number of unfair competitors in many industrial fields that highly damage the Chinese international reputation and image with their unscrupulous, unfair and disloyal business behavior.

YUNNAN ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD. is a company located in Yunnan Province. The company is principally engaged in the smelting of aluminum, as well as the manufacture and distribution of aluminum products. 

The Company's major products distributed in domestic and overseas markets are: aluminum ingots, including aluminum ingots for remelting, aluminum alloy ingots, pre-baked anode carbon block and aluminum rods for electrical purpose, among others. 


Rusal is one of the global leader in the aluminium industry. It was founded in 1930 and has paid a decisive role in the consolidation of the Russian aluminium industry during its establishment as a large, vertically integrated aluminium holding.

The company is one of the largest aluminium productors.
LLC "Khakassian Aluminium Plant" is an aluminium smelter located near Sayanogorsk, Russia, owned precisely by the leader: Rusal. It is one of the largest companies in the Russian Republic of Khakassia.


Bangkok Steel Wire Co. Ltd. is located in Samutprakam, only 25 Km south from Bangkok. The company is specializes in the production of PC Wire, PC Strand, cold and hard drawn wire.
Continuus-Properzi has signed a contract with them for a Vertical Axis Wire Drawing line, model Logos 2.0 Evolution for the production of High Carbon Steel Wire Rod.


During the second quarter of 2014, we founded an automation company, named RHOEL. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continuus-Properzi, S.p.A. and is located on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, approximately 45 km from our headquarters. The company is composed of managers and engineers with extensive experience in this specific sector.


Westfalenzinn is one of the most important supplier of zinc, lead, tin products since 1953, the company is located in Sundern in the wonderful German countryside. Continuus-Properzi cooperation with Westfalenzinn spans almost two decades.


Continuus-Properzi has signed an important contract with Tianjin Xinneng Renewable Resource for a 20 tph Copper Rod line, it's the third 20 tph Plant sold by Properzi in China.

The line will produce both ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) copper rod using cathodes as the raw material and FRHC (Fire Refined High Conductivity) using copper scrap as the raw material, granting the maximum flexibility to the users.


Thai-Yazaki Electric Wire Co., Ltd. (hereinafter TYE), located in Samut Prakan (Thailand), was the first overseas production site established in 1962 by Yazaki Corporation. Yazaki Corporation is a leader and independent automotive component maker producing automotive wire harnesses, electric cables, meters, electronic components and a host of other products for automotive use.


Midal Cables was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1977 as a joint-venture between Al Zayani Investments and the Australian company Olex Cable. At that time the company capacity of aluminium rod production was 12,000 tpy, now-a-days (after 35 years) the production has increased and it's more or less a 20 times more, reaching the quantity of 300,000 tpy.


Inotal Alumíniumfeldolgozó Zrt. is located in Várpalota (Veszprem district), precisely in the Hungarian north-west area.
The company was founded in 1952 with the name of Chemokomplex and nowadays, after long decades from its foundation, the company is uninterruptedly implementing the experience acquired in aluminium field developing more and more its production.